About Me

Hi! I’m Eve and I hate having my photo taken. (Unlike the dude in the background, clearly.)

Hello, my name is Eve. (Or, as I have just started getting accustomed to: Ève.) I recently moved from my native London to Paris in the Summer of 2016. My boyfriend was offered a new job here, so being at something of a crossroads in London I thought “why the heck not?” A few months later and here I am with the clichéd fridge full of cheese (seriously, it just happens), a wide-eyed panicked grin and an overly convincing accent that makes French people think I am far more linguistically advanced than I actually am.

I had never even considered writing a blog before now; after all, who on earth would be interested in my London ramblings? (Damn you again, Tube! And as for you, Pret, running out of Avocado wraps…) But in Paris everything just seems that bit more magical. And quaint. And sometimes, to be honest, hilarious. I’m sure it will all wear off, but for now I am very much vive-ing la différence.